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Perfect Delivery


Once a project is acquired, our team of highly skilled designers, engineers, planners and surveyors, join forces to map out the project specification, segregating tasks according to their respective discipline (i.e. joinery, marble, gypsum, paint, etc.). A schedule is then formed and presented to you (the client) for review; and upon your acceptance, measurable targets are devised to efficiently execute each given task.

Option One Co. encourages and promotes a target-focused and goal oriented environment, wherein every individual fully understands the essence of their contribution, and ensures a timely completion of their duties. Hence, Perfect Delivery is treated with utmost importance. A project is awarded Perfect Delivery status if it satisfies the below criteria:

Timely Completion: the project has to be completed and handed-over on time, allowing business to continue or commence as planned.

A Flawless Project Handover: a fully operational space is handed over to you (the client) as per your requirement, while also eliminating the need for any disruptive post-completion work.

Completed Operating and Maintenance Manuals: necessary documentation and notices are provided on site, allowing immediate and safe operation of the space.

The Key Element: positive clientele feedback is critical to confirm the success of the project.