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You will notice the refreshing difference in our approach and our way of doing things from your very first interaction with our team. We don't believe in following the beaten track or taking shortcuts to win business, at any cost.

We believe in your vision and our ability to do justice to it. In all the years of our existence, we have won projects through bids based on our credentials, not connections or concessions.

Our approach is purely professional when it comes to business transactions and highly professional when it comes to customer service. This rare combination has earned us respect and repute amongst our clients.

Our Work Flow

Tender & Commercial Operation

We furnish our clients with all the information they might need to assess our suitability for the project at hand.

We find that: Senior Architects, Consultants and Project Managers in our industry are usually aware of the quality of work we have delivered on reputed projects. A pre-qualification document is furnished to provide an overview of our credentials.


Our contracts division takes charge once we win a bid and compiles a thorough brief in accordance with the clients proposed requirement. It assists our entire team in understanding the client's needs & expectations. Once this phase is completed, we move on to the Design & Value Engineering process for the given proposal.

Design & Value Engineering

We have a dedicated team of In-House Designers who visualize how an architectural blueprint will be transformed into a real, 3-Dimensional structure.

The Value Engineering division adds intelligent ideas to the process, in line with our commitment to add more value to your plan at every step.