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About Option One Co.

OptionOne Co. was founded with a purpose : to transform inspired architectural vision to breathtaking reality.

The fabrication and fit-out is largely unorganized in Qatar, Optionone wants to make its mark with thoroughbred professionalism, progressive business practices and solid expertise. From the outlets, we commit ourselves to be the best in our business, not simply the biggest.

We are trend-setting organization known for delivering world-class quality and complete customer satisfaction in every project we undertake. The testimonials of our clients and the quality of our work are the true indicators of our leadership position.


Our primary strength is our passion to not simply execute your projects, but add value at every step. Our craftsmanship and dedication reflects in the products & structures we create.

Our respect for your vision means we work as your partners and not just another "third party" vendor.

Our attention to detail gives you the assurance that we will not cut corners just to get the work done. If it isn't perfectly crafted, it doesn't leave our factory door.

Our ability to innovate and automate production activities, develop better working details and retain the team spirit is the key to our success.


Our vision is to be the most preferred, trusted and recommended fabrication and fit-out partner in the market for translating design into immaculate reality.


Our mission is to understand the true essence of an architectural project and convert it into reality, on budget, on time and in the most inspiring fashion.

Affiliates & Partners

At OptionOne Co. we work with the best-of-the-breed associates from around the world, opening up the possibilities to enjoy world-class quality for all of our projects, from the simplest execution to the most elaborate, intricate, architectural masterpiece.

OptionOne Co. has Partners and Companies who work independently as well as in tandem when required.