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OptionOne Co. offers you turnkey support for the complete interior fit-out: from inspiring designs to timely manufacturing and flawless installation. All we need from you is your design intent (a glimpse of the future you want to create). We have the skills, the expertise and the service spectrum to bridge the gap from a basic concept to a completed architectural masterpiece.

Design: Our dedicated design team delivers interior fit-out plans that reflect your vision.

Manufacturing: We transform architectural plans-on-paper to passionately crafted project components.

Installation: Once the design and manufacturing is completed, we install the fabricated materials at your site, on time.

Our team of more than two hundred professionals from: In-House Designers and Engineers to Carpenters, Marble Fixers and Skilled Workers, constitute a well-coordinated team, who collaborate to deliver consistent results.

Planning & Projects Management

Projects are planned and managed at OptionOne Co. with a strong attention to even, the most minute detail. We believe in planning with foresight, factoring in all the possible outcomes. The deep and diverse knowledge of our project managers ensure that your project moves along rapidly as per the detailed and descriptive plans.


The quality of the final product is dependent on the quality of the raw material. Here, at OptionOne Co., we make no compromises on the quality of materials we use for fabrication and fit-outs. We want to deliver products that last and therefore are very particular about procuring good quality material from reputed suppliers for every project.


OptionOne Co. prides itself on the unprecedented precision of its automated processes combined with the skilled craftsmanship of its workforce. A quick look at any of our completed projects (including its parts) illustrates the passion and dedication of more than a hundred people who work in our Production Division.

Stores & Inventory Control

We have a division dedicated to monitoring and managing our inventory. Based on the planning done for the project, this division ensures that all the materials needed for any phase of a project are well stocked and are immediately available as and when required. We prefer to keep surplus stocks in order to ensure smooth operations.

Logistics & Dispatch

Once all the required components of a project have been designed and fabricated, our Logistics Division works out the most efficient way to organize the delivery of the material to the client's site. We have a combined fleet of more than ten vehicles and a team dedicated to the timely dispatch of completed materials.

Site Installation

The Installation Division is well equipped with a diverse skill set, to put in place every section of the fabricated product, from: floorings to lightings, from doors and skylights to intricate architectural features. Project Managers at OptionOne Co. are always at hand, through every stage, ensuring that inspired design & thoughtful planning is followed by flawless execution and timely delivery.

Support Functions

In addition to the above processes and divisions; we have dedicated departments that comprise of: Human Resources, Administration, Finance, Marketing & Business Development and Legal. Quality Assurance and Quality Control is carried out at all stages from: planning, design & production to delivery & installation. We are building a robust Enterprise Resource Planning system to take our exemplary productivity levels higher than ever.